Polycom Conference Phone


Small PA Speaker Rental is a perfect choice for presentations to small audiences and tradeshow booths.

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Polycom Conference Phone  

    The Polycom Conference Phone offers a sound alternative to speakerphones. Polycom’s breakthrough, full duplex allows natural, free-flowing discussions. SoundStation’s three microphones and powerful, digitally tuned speaker provide full 360-degree coverage, whether you use the system in a conference room or your office.
    SoundStation EX Features:
    • Corded Polycom Conference Phone
    • Full Duplex Operation
    • Acoustic Clarity Technology
    • Two External Mic Ports
    • Echo Cancellation & Suppression
    • Three Cardioid Mics
    • Powerful Speaker
    • Plug & Play
    • Integrated Keypad
    • Dual Color LED Status Lights
    • Mute Button
    • Requires Analog Telephone Line
    This Polycom patented technology allows you to enjoy instantaneous natural conversation. When paired with a full duplex speakerphone, echo is eliminated and both callers are able to speak simultaneously without experiencing voice dropouts. The voice clarity on conference systems that feature this technology is incredibly crisp and clear.


    Analog is the original telephone technology, a system that converts air vibrations (like those created by the human voice) into similar electrical frequencies. Standard telephone lines can support analog devices, such as phones, fax machines, and modems and are typically found in homes or small office settings.

    Cardioid Microphones:

    All microphones have directional characteristics, which are determined by the way a microphone picks up sounds. Microphones can pick up signals from several directions or from one focused point. A cardioid microphone, the most popular of conferencing systems, picks up sound/signals primarily from the front of the microphone. Therefore, these microphones focus on the sound in front of them and reduce background noise.

    Echo Cancellation and Suppression:

    With this technology you are able to enjoy echo free communication. The cancellation and suppression processes, information is only sent across the line when someone is actually speaking. So when a person stops talking the signal cuts off, thus leaving no room for background noise to filter in and create an echo.

    Full Duplex Operation:

    The full duplex feature allows simultaneous flow of audio signals between your conferencing phone and that of the outside caller. Polycom systems carry a full duplex speakerphone, which can transmit and receive audio signals at the same time, in both directions.

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