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Pharmaceutical Meetings

We provide audio visual equipment for all types of meetings, but ACAV is a favorite of pharmaceutical companies and representatives. We have well maintained professional equipment and reliable technicians who understand the needs of these medical meetings.

Pharmaceutical meetings have unique AV equipment needs. Often the pharma representative doesn’t know what equipment the presenter will bring to the meeting. It’s important the audience be able to see and hear the presentation of medical information. Having a projector and screen or HDTV, a speaker and microphone is common. However, just as important is having the necessary adapters to connect the presenter’s computer to these AV items. Having an AV technician to meet with the presenter and quickly connect and test everything to assure the presentation works well is critical.

Our staff is very experienced with pharmaceutical meetings and the audio visual equipment needed for the success of the event. Whether we are simply setting up and testing, or you want a technician to remain on location to troubleshoot any technical issues, ACAV provides the necessary level of professionalism and expertise for medical meetings.

What pharmaceutical meetings have we supplied?

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